Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tink - Tink - Tinkerbell

I have learned that you can never rule out options. Just when I think to myself something is impossible, I am quickly reminded that... with patience things can come ones way.
We have a new addition to our home. Those of you that know my husband, will agree that this was not in the slightest way a possibility at the Holt home. After several discussions with my husband, I had given up on the whole idea. It took just one little question from a precious little five year old with alligator tears and a broken pitch in her voice... and WALL.....LA..... It is official.. The Holt family has joined the crowd. We are now the proud owners of.... Tink Tink Tinkerbell. The teacup poodle. She will only reach a total of 2 and half pounds (Maddox... please DO NOT destroy)!
The best part of the story... Creed spent an evening at Pets Mart buying pet accessories. It was a lot like having a baby. Creed went to the store and purchased everything invented by man that the store sold for puppies. The best part was... Before Creed left the house for his shopping adventure, McKailey had stuck a pink hair bow in her daddy's hair to be funny. Creed failed to remember he had it on the top of his head and as he checked out at Pets Mart with a pink carrier and other pink accessories... the checker asked him if he had a thing for PINK... as she pointed to the top of his head. He just replied... "You should see my underwear"


Cindy Kirkpatrick said...

I am laughing out loud right now!! That is too funny about the hair bow! Reminds me of the time Macey put a hair clippie on one of Robert's back belt loops... the kind that is like a comb and you squeeze it to open and close it (and it was a large one at that). Halfway through one of Logan's basketball games he heard it clank on the back of the metal chair he was sitting on. He wasn't too happy about it, but we all laughed our heads off!!

Tinkerbell is just adorable... I bet you will have lots of visitors coming to see your new baby : )

Robin said...

She is the cutest puppy!! Better watch out, I think Macey is packing her bag and ready to move in and help with her! Also, love your story about the bow!!! What Daddy's do for their little girls!

christy said...

Hi Deana! I found your blog through Robin Knight's blog ;-) It's very cute!

My girls want a dog so bad, too! Maybe there's hope for them, yet. We're working on Dad, too!