Tuesday, December 30, 2008

American Fidelity Reunion

Our Annual American Fidelity "after Christmas" lunch was awesome. We tried, between children's needs, to catch up. We decided we were in great need of an all adult get together on brookside! Thanks Sophie... You were a great photographer!
Melanie, Debra, Deana, Jill (w/Leah), & Shawn

Wow... Who could have imagined the offspring of those wild & crazy AFA girls could be so precious!

From Left to right, Leah, Sophie, Devon, Ethan, Ella, McKailey & Maddox

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

McKailey, Maddox, & Tinkerbell thought the ice was awesome. Although, Tinkerbell did try to find a way across the patio without her feet touching for too long!

Are you kidding? This patio is COLD. I would fly across it if I could!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

We had a fabulous Santa Party! Cindy Kirkpatrick was so kind to create some gingerbread houses (not to mention haul them into the clubhouse in the CRAZY wind today) for all of our special guests to decorate. Santa appeared as all of the children sat on his lap for photo opps. Santa listened as all of the children read their wish list to him. Maddox even disclosed his desired christmas present to Santa (choo choo table). McKailey was in pure delight on Santa's lap. Thanks to all of the moms that contributed to make our first annual Santa Party a huge success. Heather Hart and Robin Knight did a fabulous job on the clubhouse decorations, Bonnie McCulley sent out the adorable Santa invites, Aaron Tallman was our official photographer (wow, he can coach football & photograph little ones). Creed did an outstanding job on cleanup & managing to get running water for us for the day.

We left the party and headed straight to Urgent Care, once I realized McKailey was running a fever. She was a trooper and never complained; however, she had that glazed eye look by the end of the party & I slowed down long enough to take her temperature. As I reflected upon the party and realized everyone was swapping frosting and licking off of their knives as they decorated their gingerbread houses, I realized, she sent every one of our guest off with an extra special Christmas present today...... Exposure to STREP THROAT!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!