Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Maddox Daydon Holt

Maddox turned two Saturday, August 2nd. This sounds so cliche', however, we cannot believe how quickly the last two years have passed. This little guy has been such a blessing to our family. His big sister McKailey is so good with him. We are so blessed with our awesome children. We have figured out that Maddox will be the kid... just out for a great time. He is always ready to laugh and be silly. We love you little guy!!! Happy birthday!

Big Sister McKailey counted down the days till the party. She helped decorate. You would have thought it was her birthday.. She was so excited

Maddox enjoyed opening his gifts. He really wanted to play with everything as he opened it. He is already used the the "Harris style Christmas" with it! He finally got the idea that we had to move on to the next present so our birthday guests did not have to spend the night. He told each gift "bye" "bye" before we moved to the next


Cindy Kirkpatrick said...

What great birthday pics! He looks sooo much like Creed!! That is such a cute picture of McKailey too! Still waiting for you to post your Spooky Morning pic from last week!! ha ha!! I told Robert about that and he thought it was halarious!

Robin said...

What a fun party! I can't believe he is 2 years old already!! I am really going to enjoy our blogs, girls. I love seeing everyone's "business"!

Robin said...

Oh, just read Cindy's post....what about your spooky morning???