Thursday, September 4, 2008

Outlaw Cheer

Maddox, Did you say "O" for Outlaws? Go outlaws? Or .... Is that a yawn. Is this football game boring you?

Our Cute Little Squad

McKailey has started her first year of cheerleading! Her little squad is the cutest bunch on the field! We are a little partial! My friend Aimee Fowler and I are co-coaches. We are having a blast with this group of girls! They are so sweet and eager to learn the cheers. We have a VERY VOCAL group of girls. The other teams always tell us they can hear our girls form their side of the field. The second game out, a little girl did a cartwheel and accidently kicked Mckailey in the mouth. She was bleeding; however, overall she took it like a champ. I explained to the girls that the football players were suppose to be the ones gushing blood on the field!


Cindy Kirkpatrick said...

It's about time! ha ha! I love all the pics! You and Aimee are doing an awesome job of heading up our sweet little squad! Thank you!

christy said...

Hey Deana! I found your blog from Robin's - great pics!

Awww! The girls look too cute! My girls are getting ready to start cheer with Upwards next month. They can't wait!